TKO Express
is Live

Discover why shorter is better.

  • 18.2 km shorter
  • True geographical diversity
  • Fastest route to HKEX*

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HK Government recognises Superloop

as a contributor to the Hong Kong economy
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The inside story of TKO Express

An interview with Computerworld HK
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Discover Asia's new extraordinary network.

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Trusted by Fortune 500 enterprises across Asia Pacific

Superloop understands enterprise networks. Our industry-respected team create and deploy fast, reliable and secure tailored connectivity solutions. Gain a competitive advantage from a total connectivity solution from Superloop today.

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An extraordinary network for global telco providers.

Superloop offers cutting edge connectivity solutions in Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong. As the leading independent provider of connectivity services across the Asia Pacific region, we have built secure, world class networks that telecommunications, media and financial institutions depend on.

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Three key components to Asia’s new extraordinary network.
Experience unrivaled network performance over three markets in the APAC region.

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Specialised connectivity for the film and games industries.

In the entertainment industry, bandwidth can make or break a release deadline. Data-heavy, high resolution media is produced in a collaborative interconnected ecosystem on a global scale. Superloop’s media solutions have already been utilised by production studios in some globally recognised film franchises.

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