High performing, internet service delivered by Superloop.

If you require a quality internet connection with the service and support to match, consider Superloop Internet. Designed to support business critical applications, whilst providing a consistent, seamless experience using Superloop's carrier grade network.

  • Australia
  • Medium to Large Businesses


Go gigabit.. Superloop Internet offers future proof networking interfaces to support your growth. Start at 50Mbps and tap into a scalable link up to 1Gbps with industry standard handoffs.

No Fuss

A high speed internet service to match your business needs. Dedicated and guaranteed bandwidth within Superloop's carrier grade network.


Work quicker to boost productivity and scale as required. The highly connected Superloop network allows you to hook in directly to applications and systems your business requires for a seamless online experience.

Dedicated Network

Need high quality? Superloop's Internet is underpinned by our independent, owned and operated fibre and fixed wireless network connecting hundreds of strategic sites across the region.