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Superloop NBN Enterprise Ethernet
is available now.

90% of businesses nationwide to get
$0 fibre build in 20201.

Better pricing for all Australian businesses.

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Unleash your potential with connectivity and managed services designed for Business

The team that brought unrivalled network performance to the Asia Pacific region now offers a complete technology solution for your Business fast, reliable, secure connectivity layered with a range of managed services – Superloop has a simple solution that grows with your business.

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We are connecting the Asia Pacific to the World

Our industry-respected team create and deploy fast, reliable and secure tailored solutions.

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Map of Indigo Cable Network

Indigo Now Ready

Spanning over 9,000km, the INDIGO cable system will strengthen connectivity between Australia and the fast-growing Southeast Asian markets, providing lower latency and more reliable communication services.

With support for up to 36 terabits per second, the equivalent of simultaneously streaming millions of movies a second, Superloop helps you push the boundaries of digital connectivity.

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