Managed Networks

Fast, reliable and secure networks without the headaches.

Superloop's fully managed communications technology gives you all the benefits of your own private network without the challenge of setup and maintenance.

Built on our strong network backbone and supported by our local experts 24/7, our managed networks just work. So sit back and enjoy unrivalled connectivity for every team to every app, every day.

  • IP WAN
  • Managed Wifi


Connect all your business locations to each other, the internet and the cloud with a high-speed private network powered by Superloop.

Focus on your Business while we design and build your virtual network, get your teams connected, and manage routers, firewalls and firmware updates for you.

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Managed WiFi


Corporate and guest networks with the simplicity of wireless access. Whether you're operating in one location or one hundred, Superloop gives your staff and guests a seamless network experience.

We'll install the equipment to provide matched capacity and optimal coverage of your floor, building or campus with integrated security and authentication. Use Superloop Managed Wireless with your existing vendor connection or build it onto your Superloop IP networks to give your people access to the services they need.

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