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Your whole network is now the edge.

Control the edge with SASE cloud security solutions.

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Your office has changed,
and so should your network security.

With flexible Secure Access Service Edge solutions (SASE),
full visibility and control are back in your hands.

Your office has changed,
and so should your network security.

With flexible Secure Access Service Edge solutions,
full visibility and control are back in your hands.

In association with

The cloud is now the network

Adoption of cloud applications and services has exploded.
Moving to the cloud delivers scalability and enhanced user experience.

The traditional 'workplace'
has changed

Businesses are needing to deliver the ‘workplace’ to their
end users. This has triggered the need to secure their network
and applications in new ways to accommodate the
post-pandemic work-from-anywhere model.

Digital transformation

Businesses are prioritising their focus on digital to seamlessly connect them to their applications, customers, suppliers and partners to help them accelerate growth.

Digital business and edge computing have inverted access requirements, withmore users, devices, applications, services & data located outside of an enterprise than inside.Security & risk management leaders need a converged cloud-delivered secure access service edge to address this shift.

Gartner, 2019

What is SASE?

Maintain Consistent Security
and Compliance

SASE, or Secure Access Service Edge, is the convergence of network and security into a single cloud-based service.

SASE combines the features of SD-WAN networking and network security capabilities such as SWG, CASB, ZTNA and FWaaS and delivers it from the cloud. Deploying a SASE security solution allows businesses to deliver consistent security across all applications and network including to end users wherever they access the network.

Benefits of SASE for your business:

  • Speed and agility (to roll out your distributed workforce)
  • Consistent security and compliance
  • Reduced operational costs and complexity
  • Simplified deployment and operations
  • Improved user experience
Superloop SASE Pathways Diagram

Superloop’s SASE solution
with Palo Alto Networks

The best of both worlds - scalable, high speed network with leading security capabilities

Complete visibility and control icon
Complete visibility
and control

Leading network and security capabilities fully integrated into a unified platform enabling consistent security in all parts of the business.

Resilient highly available network
Resilient highly
available network

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) powered automation combined with Superloop’s Network operation capabilities increase network availability and minimises response times.

Cloud-delivered solution icon

Simply and securely empower remote workers with everything they need from the cloud.

Trusted network partner icon
network partner

Superloop’s high performance, scalable network ensures your business gets better latency and application performance.

Superloop’s network

  • Purpose-built independent network & high performance infrastructure with $300M investment in domestic and international network
  • Network less than 6 years old with no legacy products or complex systems enabling automation and operational simplicity
  • Comprehensive IP backbone to connect to content and application services faster including direct connection to hundreds of data centres
  • Connected to all 121 NBN Points of Interconnect with immense bandwidth capacity up to 300 Gbps across the breadth of Australia. This investment reduces dependency on third-party capacity and allow Superloop to control reliability and maintain optimal user experience across all Australian locations
  • Consistent high speeds & low latency network
  • Fast response & resolution to faults with Australian based management
Superloop's Network Operations diagram

Superloop's offer components


Superloop SD-WAN
with Palo Alto Networks

Powered by machine learning and automation to improve network performance and resiliency. The solution is designed for businesses that place application performance and availability at the forefront of their business network needs.


Secure Remote Access

Protect all applications from wherever your workforce access them, with best-in-class security delivering an exceptional user experience.

Securing your remote workforce against tomorrow’s threats, today

Web security and filtering icon
Securely Connect Branch
Offices and SD-WAN

Empower branch offices with cloud delivered network and security solutions that help improve performance and resiliency, while reducing complexity.

Web security and filtering icon
Securing Distributed

Connect remote workers through our comprehensive networking and security in an integrated single Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) designed for all traffic, all applications, and all users.

Web security and filtering icon
Securing SaaS applications with
Cloud Secure Web Gateway

Protect against malware, advanced threats, phishing and data loss while keeping SaaS applications and sensitive data secure across any user, location and device.

Web security and filtering icon
Zero Trust
Network Access

Ensure precise least-privileged access to your network based on fully customisable authentication methods. Even after access has been granted, user behaviours can still be monitored for malicious activity as well as signs of credential theft, malware and data loss.

Firewall as a Service icon
Fire Wall as a Service

Enable complete visibility into and control over networks without having to deploy physical appliances. Secure your network from both inside and outside threats through cloud-based Next-Generation firewall capabilities. Instantly scalable to evolve with your expanding network.

Cloud Access Security Broker icon
Cloud Access Security Broker

Gain visibility of where your business data is across your SaaS applications. CASB enforces security, governance, and compliance policies allowing authorised users to access and consume cloud resources while enabling your business to consistently protect their data across multiple locations.

Data Loss Prevention icon
Data Loss Prevention

Discover, monitor and protect sensitive data in motion across all networks, branch offices and mobile users. A single cloud service and predefined policies deliver data privacy and compliance easily and consistently, across remote workforces and in the cloud.

Superloop - Your Trusted Solutions Partner1

Why choose Superloop as your SASE solution partner:

Extensive expertise to alleviate the burden on in-house technology teams

A simple single point of management that reduces costs and improves ROI

Complete visibility and control of your network & security

Scalable and high performance network and security solutions backed by leading capabilities

Enhanced end-to-end visibility of service performance and fault automation

Trusted and dedicated Australian support assisting with transition, solution implementation and evolution

Comprehensive connectivity options to ensure your business and its end users are always securely connected

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