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Our industry focused solution approach coupled with a superior, advanced network and industry recognised service levels, distinguishes Superloop WiFi from legacy providers.

Superloop invests in the latest high speed fixed and wired connectivity technologies to deliver a high quality, reliable, resilient and fast network with unrivalled national coverage. Our wifi solutions focus on making it easy for our customers to on-board and support their user base.

Our expert technicians are on hand to accurately scope and install the equipment required to provide unmatched capacity and optimal wifi coverage across multiple floors, buildings or campuses with integrated security and authentication.

Powerful bespoke WiFi solutions designed to compliment your business and elevate your customers experience.

Bespoke network designs

Superloop WiFi offers complete client and guest connectivity solution for high rise apartments, hotels and resorts and student accommodation facilities with a scalable connectivity supported via a powerful backhaul link. We don’t simply think about what you’ll need today - we build for tomorrow, giving your customers the edge as new connected experiences, products and services are utilised in their everyday lives.

Our passionate team has built simple, yet powerful solutions which currently service over 450+ sites, 40,000 clients at student accommodation facilities and reaches over 130 cities and towns with over 30,000 Access Points. Give your customers peace of mind with next generation WiFi solutions that can be tailored to service the gamut of clients, from transient students to long term residents.

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671+km of Fibre

450+ Sites

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310+ Strategic Sites
40k Accounts

Students Connected via Campus Superloop WiFi

450+ Staff
30k Access Points

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4 Countries
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Managed WiFi

Student Accommodation Solutions

Superloop is a leading provider of Managed Internet services to tertiary accommodation campuses across Australia. Our team has connected hundreds of thousands of students across 40+ major institutions. We have invested in the latest wired and fixed wireless technologies to deliver an exceptional Managed Internet Service at up to 10Gbps into both CBD-based and remote campus environments.

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Network Management Portal

Our comprehensive Network Management Portal includes a set of enhanced tools to help manage, monitor and support your guest Wi-Fi network and most importantly enhance the user experience.

The portal gives you a complete view and access of your network in real-time, including bandwidth utilisation, current devices connected and even the types of devices that are connected. The platform gives you control of zoning priority, visual wireless heatmaps and user purchase details that allows you to control or expand your network offering.

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Case Study
The Old Clare Hotel
Chippendale, Sydney

A large site stretching across two iconic heritage-listed buildings, The Clare Hotel is a 62 room boutique hotel constructed with obsessive attention to aesthetics and concern for retaining the interesting features of both buildings.

Superloop were asked to deliver fast, free Wi-Fi to the hotel. As the customer requirements and scope of the project were realised, it became apparent that the property would further benefit from a converged network environment whereby additional IP services were deployed over the same network infrastructure.

"Five Stars. Rooms are spacious, great desk for working, excellent free Wi-Fi. I would definitely return." The Old Clare Hotel Guest
Elements of Byron
Byron Bay, Australia

A 22 hectare resort on the beach at beautiful Byron Bay needed a fibre optic approach to handle long cable runs and a multitude of IP based systems, including guest room systems, building management and phones.

As this is a resort-style property with bountiful space between the dwellings, Superloop decided on Gigabit Passive Optical Networking. GPON is used by some of the largest Telco’s in the world for connecting large numbers of sites over an optical network with much of the equipment being of a passive (non-powered) nature. This allowed us to create a fibre backbone to each of the 103 private villas as well as a number of other areas.

Voyages Ayers Rock Resort
Northern Territory, Australia

The Voyages Ayers Rock Resort is located in the middle of Australia. It is more than 1000 miles from any capital city and situated at Kata Tjuta National Park, in Australia’s Northern Territory.

Superloop was asked to improve the guest Wi-Fi experience. The biggest problems were that such a large property had no infrastructure for backhaul, there was little Ethernet cable for connecting Access Points and the Internet pipe into the site was only about 10Mbps. After a detailed site survey, we took advantage of existing phone cable to deploy Motorola Wi-Fi systems and Ruckus AP's where possible. To hook up the various sites within the complex we used Point to Point bridges and then meshing to the very extreme edges of the network. We’ve also worked with the venue to get a 100Mbps fibre link installed.

"If you want to offer an immersive holiday experience it seems obvious that you have to provide the same level of connectedness and speed of access better than what the guest is accustom to." Dominic Borg, Director of Technology
Radisson Blu Hotel
Sydney, Australia

Once home to the Fairfax newspaper empire and the prestigious Bank of NSW, this historical building features a vintage sandstone façade and ornate features that date back to the 1800s.

The Radisson Blu in-house network team had worked with us at other properties and called us in to see if we could take over the Wi-Fi network. They needed to improve the level of Hotel and Guest support and devise a plan to deliver the highest levels for the future.

To solve their issues, we’ve transitioned the guest floors from the corridor-based solution to in-room AP in every 2nd room and in the conference rooms. This deliveres hugely improved coverage, throughput and more importantly, guest satisfaction.

"We are satisfied because we can see that guests frequently mention great Wi-Fi as part of their overall reviews of their stay. This is very different to the frequently negative feedback before the upgrade." Radisson Blue
Central Sydney, Australia

Travelodge Sydney is large property located just outside the Sydney CBD. It boasts 410 rooms spread across 25 levels.

We were tasked with providing coverage to every square inch of the Hotel. This included dual band Wi-Fi across all rooms (inc toilets!), dining and public spaces as well as back of house areas.

After a detailed site survey, it was clear that we needed a fibre backbone to deliver a vastly improved level of service to Travelodge Guests. This would then provide the foundation for a far more robust network both for the proposed Wi-Fi network but also for future applications.

"We are not exaggerating when we say that that the new solution has seen Wi-Fi related complaints fall by over 500%." Rob McKenna, Hotel Manager
Holiday Inn Express
Sydney, Australia

Travelodge Sydney is large property located just outside the Sydney CBD. It boasts 410 rooms spread across 25 levels.

We were asked to get involved in the rollout of the Wi-Fi system rather late in the building cycle. We discovered that, although the client wished to offer free access, we still needed to develop an interface to limit devices per room and assist in troubleshooting.

Our predictive planning indicated that the property would be well serviced by Wi-Fi. We decided a Cloud-managed AP setup for each room in conjunction with APs in common areas, meeting rooms and the car park would provide the best results.

"They provided great comfort that their system would be installed on-time, on-budget and capable of providing fast, high-throughput Internet access for the guests. The outcome was all this and more." Chris Curran, Director of Hotel Openings
Student One
Brisbane, Australia

As Student One were completely refurbishing the old Boeing Aerospace building in Brisbane CBD, we were keen to design and build a seriously good Wi-Fi network from the ground-up.

Student One wanted their tenants to experience a free and fast Wi-Fi with unlimited download to differentiate them from their competitors. If the Wi-Fi is really good, it’s a big factor in a student’s choice of accommodation.

As this was a new build, designing the AP placement for the site needed to be completed early with predictive software so that the contractors knew where to run the cable. Then we worked work with builders and architects to overcome any changes to the construction details.

The site runs on two links, each supplying several hundred Mbps and capable of being wound up to 1Gbps. We’re keeping an eye on the utilisation as guest numbers ramp up but its obvious that per-user, this is probably the most bandwidth-hungry site we’ve ever seen.

The Town Hall
Sydney, Australia

A late 19th-century heritage-listed town hall building in the city of Sydney, The Town Hall houses the chambers of the Lord Mayor, council offices and function venues.

In a heritage building the sand stone tends to absorb moisture and ground salts which, in conjunction with the thicker walls, are the natural enemies of Wi-Fi. To address this, we used Wi-Fi hardware with dynamic antenna capability and meshing to provide connectivity to Wireless Access Points (AP’s) without the use of Ethernet cables.

The gear has been upgraded over the years to handle increasing demand for more Wi-Fi bandwidth. We’ve gone from single-band APs to the latest dual-band APs which can accommodate the most demanding audiences.

"we have found the team to be responsive, professional and always able to adapt to our customers Internet needs..." Michele Gray, Operations Manager
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Our Technology Partners

To ensure we deliver the most innovative and high performance client and guest connectivity solutions Superloop WiFi partners with industry leading technology providers. This enables us to build flexibility and scalability within our service giving your customers the edge as new connected experiences, products and services are utilised in their everyday lives.

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