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Cinenet is Australia’s only high-speed broadband data network created specifically for screen media industries. It’s a shared, connected infrastructure for studios, producers, editing facilities, visual effects providers, sound facilities and DVD producers to create and exchange large digital assets and connect to infrastructure providers.

Cinenet provides the fastest means available of moving huge datasets containing dailies and scans, motion capture, sound and effects around the globe, or even just down the street. The ability to bring together multiple local and international locations to a single, secure communication fabric, a range of options such as videoconferencing, video streaming, Voice over IP, transfer of film rushes and scans, and collaboration tools like cineSync; software which allows simultaneous viewing of footage in multiple locations. Private connectivity between dispersed facilities or between facilities and on-demand infrastructure providers.

  • Cloud and IAAS Connectivity
  • Data Centre Connectivity
  • Internet/IP Transit
  • Private Networks

The Power of Cinenet

Cinenet designed a fast and secure way of moving large, high bitrate and high resolution digital assets.

Productions that have already put Cinenet to use include The Wolverine, Fury Road, The Great Gatsby, Terminator: Salvation, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Happy Feet 2, The Harry Potter series, Batman Begins, Lord of the Rings: Return of the King and many others.

Apex Networks

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APEXnetworks was incorporated in 2006 to service niche requirements in Australian business broadband and connectivity services. Our network is a best practice designed network platform, over provisioned to service the needs of low latency business applications and voice services (VoIP). APEXnetworks is a Brisbane based ISP with a national footprint, offering Australian business a complete networking solution to service their needs now and into the future.

APEXnetworks Network Management System (NMS) is custom designed and built in house to provide our customers with up to the minute information regarding their various services, it also allows customers to pro-actively monitor and control their connections through it’s easy to use interface. As a wholesale only network operator, APEXnetworks provides telecommunications access and data centre services through our channel partners. We remain quiet and discreet in our market place as most of our channel partners bundle our products in their own offerings as their own brand.

  • Ethernet
  • IP Transit
  • Business xDSL
  • 3G/4G/Moblie
  • eSIP / VoIP
  • Private Networks
  • Comms Consulting
  • Co-Location and Hosting

The Network Management System

Network Management System (NMS) was an APEXnetworks in-house designed, built and hosted Web Portal product that is used by Channel Partners and Customers to manage their network services. This system has been upgraded and redeployed as Superloop 360.