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Connectivity Virtual Circuit (CVC) Performance

About our NBN™ CVC graphs

Below is a graph of the Connectivity Virtual Circuit (CVC) for the Point of Interconnect (POI). The graph shows the traffic in POI area, so you can see the performance of the Superloop network over the previous 7 day period.

100% on this graph shows the maximum capacity of the CVC at the time it was generated. The maximum capacity will change when we upgrade the CVC as required.

If you feel your connection is suffering from speed issues that are not visible on this graph, get in touch with our contact centre on 1800 10 12 10.

How the NBN Works

The Superloop difference

When you're using the internet, we want to make sure you're getting the best possible connection. Superloop has engineered dedicated backhaul to all 121 nbn™POI's ensuring full control over the end user experience. This attention to detail is lost when you connect to smaller, cheaper providers as they need to outsource this network. With Superloop, our network is directly linked, so if anything goes wrong, we can pinpoint the problem instantly.

Australian Support Team
Australian Support Team

Local support ready to get you online and stay connected!

Powerful network design
Powerful Network Design

We have built a powerful system that decreases congestion at peak times