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Notice: Discontinuation of Uni-V

Please note, Superloop are ceasing support of the Uni-V product associated with prior wholesale services as of the 26th of August 2019. Any services that are not cancelled or ported-out to VoIP or an alternate provider prior to this date will cease to function.

If you require any form of Priority Assistance, dial tone devices, teletypewriter and national relay services, DTMF tones, fax machines, battery backup, and more on your phone service, Superloop recommend contacting an alternate provider that supports Priority Assistance as soon as possible. Priority assistance will not be available on Superloop VoIP.

If you no longer require a home phone service, this will automatically be cancelled for you when you are migrated on to our on-net nbn ™ product. Your internet (data) service will receive minimal disruption as part of this migration. You can cancel your phone service early by giving us a call on our support line 1800 10 12 10.

If would like to keep your home phone service, we will be able to migrate your Uni-V service to a VoIP line. A VoIP line will use your internet connection to provide the phone service as Uni-V does now. Superloop will provide you with a new pre-configured cordless VoIP handset at no cost to you.

Superloop will be making contact by phone over the next 30 days to all Uni-V customers to discuss their requirements and answer any questions you might have.

Unless you choose to discontinue your internet service with Superloop, we will automatically migrate your data service over on Monday August 26th 2019.

If you wish to discuss this change further, please feel free to reach out and speak to our friendly support staff on 1800 10 12 10.