Superloop & eero
Whole Home WiFi

Super fast, reliable wireless
throughout your entire home.

Finally, WiFi that reaches every room.

Struggling to get your WiFi to work in the bedroom? Websites work in the lounge, but not in the kitchen? You're not alone. Traditional WiFi solutions using a single router often struggle with reach everywhere in your house. Generally the closer you are to the router the better the signal, but this isn't ideal for growing households.

Superloop's Whole Home WiFi, powered by eero, uses a system of one or more access points to extend wireless signal. Using TrueMesh technology to make sure you can stream, work, and play from every corner of every room, your eero devices create a "mesh network", providing better connectivity and reliability.

Take control of your WiFi with eero and Superloop

Take control of your WiFi

The eero mobile app gives you control over your wireless setup, on demand, when you need it.

  • Check your speed and which devices are connected and monitor their data usage
  • Create profiles for users, schedule and pause access as required
  • Allow friends and family to connect on demand, or share your WiFi without having to tell them your password
  • Automatic updates when available - security patches, system updates and more

Stats on Demand

View your speed and connected devices in real time. Dynamically monitor usage on the fly.

Profiles & Schedules

Set schedules, create profiles for devices or disable the network from the palm of your hand.

Easy Access

No more asking for your password. Grant access to your friends, family or visitors with ease.

Ready To Go

eero automatic updates itself with new features and security improvements when available.

Frequently Asked Questions

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A mesh WiFi network enable multiple routers to work in unison to deliver hyper-fast, super-stable WiFi. Each device in a mesh network connects to the other devices, rather than each device connecting to your Internet Service Provider. Unlike a typical home network which is built around a centralized hub, a mesh network consists of multiple routers communicating with each other. Mesh WiFi networks enable multiple routers to work as a team. When all your routers can communicate and share information with each other, they can improve three important features of your wireless network: range, speed, and stability.

A mesh WiFi network has a greater range and is much faster and stronger than your normal WiFi network. The range of your mesh network can be extended simply by adding beacons. Each beacon in a mesh network is a device that not only sends and receives data but determines the best path by which to send it. The beacon in a mesh network can automatically reconfigure themselves, using multiple routes to find the most optimal path to the Internet. Shutting down one of the beacons in a mesh network won’t necessarily shut down the entire network, which means the mesh network is much stronger than the centralized architecture of the WiFi in your home today.

You can manage your home WiFi network on your mobile device at any time directly from the app, however, a data connection will be required to initially set up your eero network.

To set up eero first download the eero app and create an account. Next, select your home-type to help guide eero placement. Then, follow the instructions to place eeros throughout your home. Finally, connect devices to your new eero network.

Superloop's Whole Home WiFi was designed to be flexible to fit any home - regardless of your living situation. For most typical apartments and townhouses we recommend 1-2 eeros and for most family homes we recommend 2-3 units.

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