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Fixed Wireless

Fixed Wireless is the term used to describe an internet service which is fixed to a physical location (as opposed to mobile wireless broadband that you would get on your mobile phone or a mobile broadband device), similar to other fixed internet technologies such as ADSL, Hybrid Fibre Coaxial, or NBN, but instead uses wireless radio to deliver an internet service to the premises instead of using cables.

Superloop fixed wireless uses point-to-point and point-to-multipoint wireless radio technology. The connection requires clear line of sight between your home or business to a nearby Superloop radio tower. If the line of sight isn’t obstructed by trees, buildings, or any other tall structure, we can deliver a high-speed internet connection to the premises.

A radio antenna and dish is installed on your roof and is aimed in the direction of a nearby Superloop radio tower. A typical standard installation involves running a data cable from the antenna to a data socket installed within the premises. A Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) device is connected to this socket to keep the antenna powered and will provide an internet connection to your local network; such as a standard home wifi router.

For standard residential and business grade fixed wireless pricing, you can view our available plans here.

If you would like to enquire about a business service which is not covered by the plans and prices on our business page, you can send a business service enquiry to

The installation may differ in look based on the roof type, and the height of the mount. Below are the most common types of installation.

There are a 2 third party online websites that we recommend to test your internet connection:

  • This internet speed test website is powered by the company Netflix, which provides on-demand video streaming services around the world. This will test your connection to your local Netflix server.
  • This is the most popular speed test website on the internet. It allows you to select a destination server before beginning your test, so you can test your speeds to different parts of the world.

Important Considerations When Testing Speeds:

  • Try to avoid testing your connection with a device connected to your router via WiFi. It is recommended to test your connection with a Laptop or Desktop PC which is connected to your router with an Ethernet network cable for the most accurate service speed results.
  • When testing your connection on, ensure you are testing to a server close to your physical location. If the server that appears is not near local area, press the Change Server button and select the closest server.

If you’re experiencing slow service speeds on devices which are connected to your router via WiFi as well as devices connected with an Ethernet network cable, it's possible that you're experiencing a fault condition. You can view any current known disruptions in your area by logging into your members account online here. If there are no known disruptions reported, you can submit an online support query here, or you can contact our technical support department on 1800 10 12 10.

If you are only experiencing slow service speeds on your devices which are connected to your router via WiFi, but the service speeds are normal on devices connected to the router via an Ethernet network cable, it’s likely that you’re experiencing local WiFi interference from other nearby sources of radio. Local WiFi interference is outside of our control as it affects the connection between the router and your devices, which is after we have delivered the internet service to the property.

WiFi interference is a very common issue, and there are many support articles you can search for online which explain the issue in detail and provide instruction on how to reduce or eliminate the effects of WiFi interference, alternatively you can submit an online support query here or contact our technical support department on 1800 10 12 10 for personal technical advice on helping to reduce the effects of WiFi interference.


While churns sometimes complete very quickly; we have to allow up to 48 hours for NBN to action/complete the churn.

Speeds of copper-based services such as FttN, FttB and FttC can only be checked after the service is active. As a result we are unable to provide an estimate or guarantee speeds prior to connection to the NBN Network.

Unfortunately, we are unable to give a more specific timeframe. Technicians may have multiple jobs within the 4-hour time window, and we are unable to advise exact arrival times.

Yes, it is possible to reschedule your appointment, please contact our support team. However, please note that rescheduling your appointment can cause delays. Also note that failing to request a reschedule at least 36 hours before your appointment could cause further delays.

This will depend on service type. We recommend calling us on 1800 10 12 10 to discuss phone services/how existing phone services may be affected if you have one.

Accounts & Billing

  • Credit or Debit Card (Visa or MasterCard): You can pay an invoice by logging into your members account online here or you can give our friendly billing team a call on 1800 10 12 10.
  • Automatic Debit: You can add a Credit or Debit card to your account for automatic billing. You can do this by logging into your members account online here or you can give our friendly billing team a call on 1800 10 12 10. You will still receive a copy of your invoice ~14 days before the due amount is automatically deducted on the due date of the invoice.
  • BPAY: You can pay an invoice using the BPAY details located on the bottom of your invoice. Please note that BPAY can take up to 5 (Five) business days to process before the payment is provided to us and is applied to your account.

It is always recommended to contact your old provider after you have ported or churned your service(s) to us, just to confirm that your account is set to be finalised and any billing arrangements you had with them have stopped. We are unable to contact, or discuss your account information, with your previous provider on your behalf and/or request to have your account closed, even in the case of a service churn or port.

At Superloop, we pride ourselves as being one of the best customer friendly ISP’s in Australia. However, we understand that sometimes things do not always go as planned, whether you are experiencing financial hardship, or have moved to an area we cannot service, whatever it may be; it will be sad for us to see you go.

To request a disconnection, please call 1800 10 12 10 to discuss your available account options with one of our friendly staff members.

Important Considerations Regarding Disconnection of Service(s):

  • Your service is billed in-advance and will be active until the end of the current billing period. We can however process the disconnection at your request at a time before the end of the billing period if required, although any unused amounts will not be pro-rated back to you. If you intend to request to discontinue your service at a later date, it is important to consider this information. If you have been invoiced for the next month in advance, but have not yet entered that billing period, you must request to have the service disconnected before the commencement of that billing period and the corresponding invoice for that period will be cancelled, otherwise the full month will be payable and non-refundable.
  • NBN Telephone Line (UNI-V) Services are dependent products and will be forcefully disconnected along with an NBN Data Service. It is important to consider that once this number is disconnected, it isn't possible to get the phone number back. If you intend to port or churn this number to another provider, you will need to ensure that this port request has completed with them before we process your disconnection request, otherwise the port will fail and you will lose the number. This also means that if the other provider does not complete the port for the telephone service before the commencement of the new monthly billing cycle; the invoice and charges for the phone and data services for that billing period will be valid. Port requests can take up to 30 calendar days to process, so it is important to place the port request with the new provider as early as possible, and to follow-up with them as to when the port has completed.

It is very important to contact us to let us know that you have ported or churned your service(s) to another provider. Other providers are not permitted to make any requests or cancel your service(s) or account on your behalf. We can only accept requests from the Account Owner to close accounts and end any billing.

We will only disconnect a service when we have been explicitly and verbally requested to do so by the Account Owner. There are many reasons as to why someone has stopped using their service. Whether it’s because they have moved house, changed service providers, or have simply gone on holiday. It’s not for us to judge or decide whether a service should be disconnected; that is the Account Owner’s decision.

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