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Mastering User
Experience in
a Hybrid Workplace

Mastering User
Experience in
a Hybrid Workplace

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Striking the right balance between operational excellence and innovation is a major challenge for IT leaders in today’s hybrid business environment.

With constant pressure from the C-Suite to upgrade IT and data security to reduce corporate risk, strengthen IT and business collaboration, whilst also keeping costs down, it is becoming increasingly difficult to ascertain where to start.

The branch and office has evolved to a hybrid model, and as the migration occurs - we’ve noticed a similar set of issues have begun to arise in Australian companies along with lost visibility of the end user experience and reduced control to impact it. With just one hour of downtime costing 40% of enterprises between $1 million and $5 million, the role of the CIO or CTO is evolving into more of a CXO or Chief IT Experience Officer.

You cannot solve what you can’t see however, and for a consistent, secure and seamless user experience with future proof network redundancy, the first step is gaining full visibility over your network infrastructure, security and application performance.

Hosted in association with Palo Alto Networks - the global leaders in Cybersecurity, by the end of this webinar, you will:

  • Have practical next steps to ensure your business has the visibility you require for optimal productivity and seamless end user experience
  • Learn how to mitigate downtime and provide resolutions for issues as they arise
  • How to build a business case or allocate budget without knowledge of where to best invest
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Gilbert Joseph

Gilbert Joseph
Channel SE
Palo Alto Networks

An expert in wireless tech, firewall products, networking and security, Gilbert's role at Palo Alto has awarded him with broad insights into global market trends and innovations alongside detailed product knowledge.

Connor Berrell

Connor Berrell
Head of Product, SASE

Connor believes that the world of IT software is only just beginning to reach its true transformative power to improve the way we live, work and collaborate. His goal is to translate the amazing outcomes of technology, into usable benefit for business.