Case Studies

Superloop WiFi

Student One
Brisbane, Australia

As Student One were completely refurbishing the old Boeing Aerospace building in Brisbane CBD, we were keen to design and build a seriously good Wi-Fi network from the ground-up.

Student One wanted their tenants to experience a free and fast Wi-Fi with unlimited download to differentiate them from their competitors. If the Wi-Fi is really good, it’s a big factor in a student’s choice of accommodation.

As this was a new build, designing the AP placement for the site needed to be completed early with predictive software so that the contractors knew where to run the cable. Then we worked work with builders and architects to overcome any changes to the construction details.

The site runs on two links, each supplying several hundred Mbps and capable of being wound up to 1Gbps. We’re keeping an eye on the utilisation as guest numbers ramp up but its obvious that per-user, this is probably the most bandwidth-hungry site we’ve ever seen.