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Creating a Connection

Zettagrid delivers Australia’s most advanced self-service cloud infrastructure platform. With full network integration capabilities, Zettagrid aims to provide the fastest and most highly available cloud available anywhere.

Superloop analysed the networking requirements and designed a multi layered solution that has helped zettagrid create a more profitable and efficient business.

“So far, we have experienced zero downtime with Superloop, which is crucial for our business.”

Nicholas Power - CEO - Zettagrid
Zettagrid rises

Zettagrid wins Australian Cloud Provider Partner of the Year. Nicholas Power (centre) accepted the award - Sydney, 2014.

About Zettagrid

Zettagrid manages more than 4,000 Virtual Machines (VMs) and 2600 last mile internet services, operating in more data centres than any other IaaS provider in Australia. The company provides availability zones in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Jakarta, with additional connectivity out of Brisbane.

“Our customer base is made up of systems integrators and managed service providers that service small-to-mid tier organisations that have revenues between $5 to 100 million per year,” said Power.

Business Challenges

Established in 2010, Zettagrid provides a cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) ecosystem entirely driven through the channel. “We have a channel-first model, so we need to automate and simplify everything,” said Nicholas Power, Chief Operating Officer at Zettagrid.

We deliver automated and scalable infrastructure for our partners to manage the operating system and application layers for their customers.”

Some of the major issues include:

  • Poor quality of connection, particularly for overseas lines
  • Expensive internet connectivity and cloud services
  • Seeking to improve customer experience by implementing better solutions to DDoS attacks
  • Inconsistent network resiliency

“Our partners rely on our network for both infrastructure and Internet connectivity to their clients through to the cloud. It is essential that our service has the highest availability at the most cost-effective price point.”

Zettagrid provides flexible, high-speed cloud services without contracts – so they need to deliver on their promise of up-time. They also guarantee their platform’s performance, so needed reliable service provision of connectivity from a service provider they could trust.

Mid 2017, the company started looking for a new service provider. The main criteria were agility, quality, as well as being able to handle the disruptive and competitive nature of IaaS and the move toward unlimited internet data plans.

The Superloop Solution

Superloop IP Transit provided a high quality product for both domestic and international local routes with low latency at a competitive price point. We simplifed thier process, and built links designed precisely for their requirements.

With a modern and best-in-class network backed by our expert engineers, Superloop IP Transit is a high bandwidth, resilient and scalable solution for your connectivity needs.


Superloop IP transit offers superfast networking interfaces to support your growth. Start at 10Mbps and tap into a scalable link up to 10Gbps with a standards-based interface.


Enter a new era of network flexibility. Superloop IP transit can be deployed across fibre, fixed wireless (AU), data centre cross-connects and third-party access (AU) links.

Unlimited Data & Dual Stack

Don't be tied down with limited data quotas. Superloop's IP transit service offers an unlimited data quota and you can take advantage of both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses in a dual stack.

Security & Service

Scale with confidence. Superloop IP transit comes with security and denial-of-service protection built in. BGP peering is also supported. Any questions, just ask our 24/7 support team.

Learn more about IP Transit

In Zettagrid's Own Words

During the selection process, the company made a competitive review of the market suppliers. Through their search for an alternative option to their previous suppliers, Zettagrid’s executive recognised that Superloop had a unique depth of expertise from the board down.

“The entire company’s personnel on multiple levels had years of experience of building quality, leading-edge digital infrastructure,” said Power.

Zettagrid wanted better value for its IP transit service, which is the simple connectivity that allows service providers to connect from the Internet to network.

“The entire company’s personnel on multiple levels had years of experience of building quality, leading-edge digital infrastructure,” said Power.

“Additionally we had been experiencing increasing numbers of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks on our networks. While a few years ago this would not have been an important criteria for service provider selection, it’s now an important part of the decision.”

Superloop’s IP transit service had additional features that the company needed – including DDoS protection measures, as well as peering and quality of connectivity for its US-based suppliers.

The primary decision to select Superloop was the superiority of its solution at the technical level that met Zettagrid’s needs at a very competitive price that disrupted the selection process. Once the decision was made to go with Superloop, the company selected an aggregated Internet service nationally across four locations: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.

Superloop was able to provision the new service within three weeks – for a service that normally takes three months (or more) to provision across four nodes (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth).

The Outcome For Zettagrid

While the service is comparable to its previous provider domestically, internationally the quality shines through. “Connectivity to particular resources in the US have improved with faster downloads and loading times,” said Power.

Superloop was able to provide agility, with quick turnaround of provisioning. however, it’s the service levels that are impressing Zettagrid. “The responsiveness of our account management team is great - we feel important to them.”

Pricing is a big win, with Power calculating he is saving 35% on previous supplier’s prices. “This allows the business to offer competitive prices to our clients for internet services. We are now at the point where we offer unlimited Internet data as opposed to previously restricting to data quotas. Therefore we’re more competitive in the market.”

Superloop also offers are high quality, high resilience service. “If their services goes down our whole business is affected. We were looking for a provider that can guarantee 99.999% uptime. We’ve had service providers previously say they’re resilient but don’t have enough redundancy in their network. They are vulnerable to switching problems or network failures. With redundancy, they may experience network issues and continue to deliver the service we rely upon.”

So far, we have experienced zero downtime with Superloop, which is what we needed as our business is affected disastrously if our Internet goes down,” said Power.

Zettagrid now achieves 99.999% up-time with Superloop’s IPTransit service.

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks have fallen since the company deployed the solution.

Superloop’s competitive price point allows Zettagrid to provide more competitive pricing that allows them to win more business in a market where margins are narrow.

Customers can get unlimited internet data plans.

Access to a high quality product at fast turnaround times.

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