NBN Backhaul

Aggregated Layer 2 Backhaul to all 121 NBN Points of Interconnect.

Superloop NBN Backhaul is designed to provide Layer 2 backhaul to customers that have onboarded with NBN Co as Retail Service Providers (RSPs).

Superloop NBN Backhaul allows an RSP to engage directly with NBN to service their end users and leave Superloop to backhaul traffic from the NBN POIs to the customer aggregation locations. This allows customers more control and visibility over their end user's NBN experience. With full support for NBN Virtual NNI (V-NNI), Superloop's offering provides a powerful blend of commercials, control and scalability.

  • Australia
  • Connection to 121 PoIs
  • NBN RSP's

Australian Support

Our team is commited to ensuring you get the most out of the network. With 24/7 Network monitoring and National Operations Centre (NOC) we are here to help.

Network Visibility

Superloop 360 - see how your backhaul services are performing with our dedicated portal, providing aggregated metrics like link speed, utilization and availability

State Based Aggregation

Superloop aggregates all NBN POIs to one of two locations in NSW, VIC, QLD, SA and WA. This means that to get access to all 121 NBN POIs, you only have to arrange connectivity to 10 Superloop locations which significantly reduces the footprint required to serve NBN customers nationally.

Full Support for V-NNI and NNI

Whether you own your dedicated physical ports in the NBN POI or are starting out and would like to be provisioned using V-NNIs, Superloop has you covered.