About Superloop

Superloop is an independent provider of connectivity services designing, constructing and operating networks throughout the Asia Pacific metro region.

Superloop's vision is to be the most trusted enabler of connectivity and managed services throughout the Asia Pacific. We own and operate over 894kms of carrier-grade metropolitan fibre networks in Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong, connecting more than 390 of the region's key data centres and commercial buildings.

With extensive carrier-grade, metro fibre networks in these markets and fixed wireless networks in Australia, Superloop delivers high-performance, connectivity solutions that are scalable and reliable.

Recent strategic acquisitions - including SubPartners - have both increased our capacity and transformed Superloop into an end-to-end provider of connectivity and cloud services.

Our vision is to be the most trusted enabler of connectivity and managed services in Asia Pacific.
671+km of Fibre

1045+ km fibre

Designed to take you wherever you want to go

310+ Strategic Sites
455+ Strategic Sites

Securely connecting you throughout the Asia Pacific

450+ Staff
300+ Staff

Dedicated to ensuring you stay connected and online

4 Countries
5 Countries/Regions

Find Us in Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Pacific Islands & the USA

Our Values

Our values are an aggregation of who we are and what we expect. We live our values in everything we do - our performance, the standards we hold ourselves to, the actions we reward - they even helps us decide who we want to attract and bring on board to join the Superloop team.

Our values are more than "Marketing fluff" or "HR dribble" - they are the drivers and pillars of our success.

Be Collaborative
Be Collaborative
Be Collaborative

We embrace diversity and the contribution every one of us can make to get the job done. We create environments that are founded on effective communication, collaboration and empathy. We recognise that we collectively make up the culture we work in every day and that we are only as strong as our weakest contributor.

Be Accountable
Be Accountable
Be Accountable

We care about what we do. We empower each person to do their jobs, but we hold ourselves accountable - particularly when we get it wrong. We understand that there's no one in the passenger seat - every decision has a consequence, and it's our collective and individual responsibility to get stuff done, properly and with commitment.

Be Excellent
Be Excellent
Be Excellent

We act on well thought out direction and purpose. We adapt as situations require and use teamwork and initiative to do so. We measure our outcomes and we never settle for good when we can be excellent.

Always Improve
Always Improve
Always Improve

We champion change as we want to better ourselves and the business. We are all about continuous learning, breaking down walls, and being better at what we do - both individually and as a team. We have small business agility and we thrive on being the challenger. We give and take on feedback because we aspire to be awesome.

Home and Business

Now Superloop connects the home too. We are excited to launch Superloop Home Broadband - via our access to the entire nbn network, plus our very own fixed wireless and fixed fibre network.

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