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eero Secure

Security that serves and protects

Protect your internet connected devices with eero Secure - an internet security subscription service that‘s free with Amazon eero 6+.

Security that serves and protects

What is eero Secure?

eero Secure is a security subscription service that protects your internet connected devices. It’s free when you purchase Amazon eero 6+ and provides additional internet security and safety features to elevate your eero experience.

How eero Secure keeps your internet connected devices safe:

An extra layer of security

An extra layer of security

Help prevent accidental visits to malicious sites and protect your connected devices.

  • Active threat protection
  • Network security
  • Data protection
Protect your family online

Protect your family online

Set restrictions with parental controls across designated devices based on age range or content categories.

  • Wi-Fi scheduling
  • Content filtering
  • Block and allow sites
Browse without being disturbed

Browse without being disturbed

Block a variety of ads on your devices and improve your browsing experience online.

  • Network and security insights
  • Data usage
  • Privacy and safety insights
Keep internet usage in check

Keep internet usage in check

Get access to network insights and see your family’s historical data usage and eero performance data over time.

  • Block ads
  • Improve site performance
  • Protect privacy

Why Amazon eero 6+?

Amazon eero 6+ is a Wi-Fi router that lets your devices talk to one another using your Superloop internet connection. That means you get internet that’s faster and more efficient, with less network congestion and enough bandwidth for 75+ connected devices. With the eero 6+, everyone in your home can work, stream, and video chat - all at the same time.

Why Amazon eero 6+?

Connect your home to the eero 6+ and enjoy a range of great benefits:

  • Easy app set-up

    The eero mobile app guides you through set-up and device placement, automatically connecting eero devices to create a wireless mesh network.

  • Expand your system easily

    Add eero devices easily as your needs change with access to cross-compatible hardware.

  • Coverage for the entire home

    Cover up to approximately 140 square metres using a single eero 6+ router with support for wireless speeds up to a gigabit.