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Home phone

Hang on to your home phone

Add a home phone to your broadband internet service and make calls over the internet with our Pay-As-You-Go or $10/mth Unlimited Call Pack.

Hang on to your home phone

Setup Home Phone in 3 easy steps

Step 1: Order your Superloop broadband service
Step 1: Order your Superloop broadband service

You’ll first need to choose a broadband service. Once that’s done you can add a home phone service. We don’t charge a line fee, and porting your existing number is FREE.

Step 2: Choose a VoIP compatible modem
Step 2: Choose a VoIP compatible modem

We recommend ordering one of our VoIP compatible modems, which are pre-configured to receive and make calls the moment your service is active.

Step 3: Choose how you pay
Step 3: Choose how you pay

Choose from our Pay-As-You-Go or $10 Unlimited Call Pack options below. Because calls are made over the internet, you won’t have to worry about high call costs.

What is VoIP?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), simply put, allows you to make calls using your internet connection. The benefits of having a VoIP service at home include not needing new or extra copper wires installed at your premises and reducing call costs.

Check out our VoIP compatible modems today.

Pay-As-You-Go Home Phone Calls

Whether making local or overseas calls, VoIP allows you to make calls over the internet so you’ll get access to super-low call rates.

Call type Charge
Unlimited local calls 10c/call
National calls 10c/call
Calls to Australian mobiles 20c/min
Unlimited 13/1300 Calls 25c/call
Unlimited 1223 $1.00/call
Unlimited 1225 $1.65/call
Superloop to Superloop Free

$10 Unlimited Home Phone Pack

Don’t worry about the cost of calls from your home with our $10 Unlimited Home Phone Pack.

Call type
Unlimited local & national calls
Unlimited 13/1300 Calls
Unlimited calls to Australian mobiles (in Australia)
Unlimited international calls to: UK, New Zealand, USA, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, France, Canada, China, Singapore, India and Croatia (search other country call rates below).

Call charges that are not included in your Unlimited Home Phone Call Pack include International Calls to destinations other than above, Satellite Calls and Directory Assistance calls. These calls have specific per minute call rates and are billed per second.

Please note that this service is for residential consumers and may not be used for commercial purposes. Please visit our Telephone Acceptable Use Policy for more details.

VoIP international call rates

All rates are price per minute but are billed per second
No flag fall applies to any destination

Things you need to know
Porting your phone number
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Superloop does not offer Priority Assistance
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What kind of handset do I need?
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Do I need a special modem?
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